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Bestone Canada has imported stones, showroom and manufacturing centre.
Specially trained skilled workers who share our commitment to quality ensure excellent workmanship.

Our work in the last 15 years has satisfied many clients in the Greater Toronto Area.

We differentiate ourselves by our commitment to you customers to ensure that you are worry free once we take on a project.

  • Quality workmanship
  • Extensive selection of materials and edge profiles to suit all tastes and budgets
  • Flexible and timely installation
  • Superior customer service – particularly sensitive to customers’ special needs
  • Excellent pricing that will beat your current supplier






Stain Resistant

Heat Resistant

Scratch Resistant

Bathroom renovation

Our selection includes a wide range of styles and colors for countertops with under-mounted bowls and self-rims. Our bathroom countertops are easy to clean by using a non-abrasive, soft cloth.

 Miracle Marble’s bathroom vanity countertops are economical and durable. Our elegant looking countertops have proven highly functional and convenient. Our countertops have a hard, rugged, stain-resistant and waterproof surface. They are easy to take care of, as they have a shielding coat of sealant protector which gives them the perfect finish.

Our bathroom vanity countertops are smooth-surfaced and are available in a variety of colors and finishes. Selecting the particular material can change the tone of your bathroom. We use different types of materials such as marble, granite or quartz surfaces to create beautiful and convenient bathroom countertops.

Stain-resistant, beautiful and long-lasting countertops are the highlight of Miracle Marble. Our marble, granite or quartz bathroom countertops are easy to care for, prove the most durable, and provide an elegant look to your bathroom.

Our experienced and well qualified professionals help you in designing and installing the bathroom parts of your choice.

Kitchen Renovation

Our showroom has a wide selection of Granite, Marble, and quartz surfaces colours to choose from. In-house we start your project with you at the beginning and guide you to the end until it is complete. We bring in our Granite, Marble, and quartz surfaces from all over the world, not to mention our in-house fabricating, with the best technology available for the perfect cut and end product. Our turnaround time on your requirements is quick and efficient.

We have created beautiful office furniture, ranging from desktops, file cabinet tops and end tables. In the bathroom we have created many different styles of vanity tops and make-up stations. For your family room imagine a coffee table and end tables that you needn’t worry about anymore, because with granite you know it will last and last and still look as wonderful as the first day you brought it home.
Once installed, maintenance of quartz is easy, and all it needs is a simple wipe down. Daily cleaning needs just a mild soap solution and a dish-wash cloth or sponge. Steer clear of harsh scrubbers and cleaners as they destroy the sealed elegant surface of the quartz. Warm water effectively removes more resilient messes. You can maintain the shine of the stone by using stone polish occasionally.

Always remember that Granite, Marble, or quartz surfaces enhances the value of your home. It is an expense that pays for itself time and time again with being able to withstand daily activity in all the rooms of your home. If you decide to leave your home and start again, it does not depreciate like most things, but makes a great selling feature. Natural stone is not just found in high end homes or condos anymore, it is found everywhere.

Our kitchen counterpart materials are water resistant and heat resistant and they are properly sealed. Kitchen countertops from Miracle Marble are easy to clean and convenient to use. Our countertops will not stain when the spills are wiped up quickly.
Moisture and even metal abrasion are not an issue with granite.

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Granite/Quartz at the best price, nobody can beat their price and service.

meiru zhou


Amazing service and quick installation.

Jiyao Chen


Very Great Price!

Gulab Singh


Variety of tops good price I like the service

Tracy Gao


Great price and very good quality!

Daisy Ye


Very high quality service,staffs are friendly

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